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Top 13 Innovations in Agriculture/Farming in 2023

‍Feeding the rapidly increasing global population amid the climate crisis requires the speed and accuracy that technology provides. New innovations in agriculture have shown us how technology can help us build more sustainable food systems and improve food security in every corner of the world. What would have become of the vertical farming industry if not for [...]

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Pepper farming; another gateway to success

Let’s look into pepper farming and the benefit of starting it as a business. In the process of researching business opportunities in Nigeria, I have discovered that no one has any good reason to be poor. If you are poor, it’s either because you want to or you’ve not been properly informed. There are many [...]

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How to prepare oha soup

This Igbo delicacy would get you licking your fingers before you start cooking! It also contains healthy vegetables you can enjoy with your choice of swallow. INGREDIENTS 3 pieces of Cocoyam 1 - 2 handfuls of Oha/Ora leaves 2 wraps of Ogiri 2 pieces of ata rodo - scotch bonnet/habanero pepper 1 1/2 cooking spoons [...]

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Nigerian Foods that Fight Heart Attack; facts from a cardiologist

Heart attack or heart disease can actually be prevented, controlled or completely eliminated by proper dieting and exercise – Dr Chauncey W. Crandall Bulk of what you will be reading here are opinions of Dr Chauncey W. Crandall, a distinguished Cardiologist that have over 40000 heart surgeries to his belt. He also is chief of [...]

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Why Don’t We Eat Turkey Eggs?

We all love eggs, at least chicken eggs: on average, an average person eats about 200 to 250 chicken eggs per year. And sure, we've started dabbling in other delicious and interesting varieties: the rich, enormous yolks of duck eggs, the tiny delicacy of quail eggs. But have you ever been served a turkey egg? Or even [...]

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Afang soup; the irresistible efik delicacy

Afang soup is fast climbing the top of the list of popular Nigerian soup. If you are interested in exploring Nigerian foods, this delicious soup would definitely spur your interest in Nigerian foods. This delicious soup is native to the Efiks, the major occupant of (Cross River & Akwa Ibom State). It really doesn’t matter [...]

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Mixing Cover Crops Can Help Your Corn Grow

Normal crops soak up nutrients in the soil, often leaving it depleted after harvest. That's where cover crops come in. Cover crops are less popular, but often still profitable, plants that are planted in between harvests of a farmer’s main crop to replenish that soil. There’s a wide variety of plants that are grown as [...]

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Size Isn’t Everything. Here’s a Farm That Fits in Your Kitchen

You’ve got a microwave, a toaster oven, and a myriad of other kitchen appliances, none of which actually grow food. That could change thanks to a Georgia-based startup Replantable. They've created Nanofarm, an almost completely automated system that grows vegetables and herbs in a unit small enough to fit on your kitchen counter. The key [...]

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How To Dry Tomatoes in the Oven

These oven-dried tomatoes are nothing like their sun-dried cousins. They aren't the ultra-dry, chewy tomatoes you find jarred at the supermarket. No, these oven-dried tomatoes are luscious, tender, and — forgive me for saying this — completely obsession-worthy. Beyond being a no-fail method for preserving a bumper crop of plum or Roma tomatoes, oven-dried tomatoes [...]

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Miyan Zogale (Hausa Moringa soup)

Miyan Zogale(moringa soup) is another one of the popular Hausa soups. This soup is healthy because of the use of moringa leaves. I suppose you must have heard the story behind the moringa leaves. They are very medicinal and a healthy choice for vegetable. If you can’t find moringa leaves, you can also use spinach [...]

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Okra Water; a diabetic remedy

Okra water acts as a natural insulin and has been proven to lower blood sugar levels in diabetics. Ingredients for Okra Water 3 okra fingers 1 glass of water Notes on the Ingredients You can use 2, 3 or 4 okra fingers for one glass of water. Use fresh okra. Directions for making Okra Water [...]

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8 Important Nigerian foods derived from Cassava

Cassava is a woody shrub (Manihot esculenta) that is grown in the tropical regions. It is also called Yuca and is associated with Tapioca in South America. The starchy tuberous root of this tropical tree is used as foods of different kinds in Nigeria. Cassava thrives well on mid dry to clay and loamy soil. [...]

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Tomato farming business

Tomato is one of the most important cooking ingredient in the county. Ninety percent of our food is never complete without tomato. We use it in cooking stews, soups, salads, portages, and virtually every food imaginable in the land. It goes with everything, so much that none of our traditional foods ever rejected tomato. If [...]

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The great taste of Sea food mixed with delicious spices plays out in your mouth after you have tried your hands on this recipe. INGREDIENTS 1kg Fresh fish 2kg Fresh Nigerian tiger prawns 500g Dried fish or smoked fish (or both) 500g Stockfish (optional) 1 cup Crayfish Atarodo 1/2 kg Fresh spinach or pumpkin leaves [...]

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