Nigeria is number one in Africa on the list of countries with the largest size of arable land in hectares. It is number nine in the world. Nigeria has 30.5 million hectares of arable land (Year 2003 record). China is number one with 103.4 million hectares.This is according to nationmaster.

Israel has just 317,000 hectares (2005 record). It is 134 in the world.  Out of rocky soil, out of swamps, and even out of deserts, israelis have created gardens, vineyards and farms with some of the most innovative techniques in the world. Agriculture in Israel is a highly developed industry: Israel is a major exporter of fresh produce and a world-leader in agricultural technologies despite the fact that the geography of Israel is not naturally conducive to agriculture. Israel produces 95% of its own food requirements, supplementing this with imports of grain, oilseeds, meat, coffee, cocoa and sugar.

Watch the video below for more information on how the israelis took their destiny in their own hands in the area of agriculture.