DWQA QuestionsWaiting for your starlight [Jin Tui]
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A drum beat fell, which was particularly clear in the quiet environment. The prince’s palm clenched without warning, and the bird, which had been fluttering, was pinched in it before it could even make a whine. The audience’s heart also clenched with this scene, his eyes opened unconsciously, he. Squeeze it to death? When the prince finally turned around, he turned to the jailer and said indifferently, “Your appearance is not in order. How dare you accept the imperial edict?”? Wait for the solitary clothes to add the crown, and then kneel down to listen. This is the prince’s first face in front of the camera, and it is also the first time that Li Chenglang appeared in front of the audience after the opening three minutes. As for the first appearance of the leading actor, Dai Changzhi and the audience all had the same reaction-almost didn’t recognize him. The man in the picture, sullen and surly, indifferent and arrogant, is obviously a prisoner, but with the noble spirit of Jinma Yutang, every place is full of weirdness. The way he teases the bird is so gentle, like the best lover, but the next moment, he crushes it lightly. So ruthless, people can’t tell who is the villain between him and Xu Muzhou for a moment. Li Chenglang has been on the stage for many years, and can be said to have played all kinds of roles, but this time he still gave people a completely different feeling. As soon as the young prince of the empire appeared, he was in prison, followed by predictable power struggles and fratricide, which were cliche,Silver Travertine Slabs, but also elements of the palace drama that would never be eliminated. Dai Changzhi was excited. No matter how well Qin Weidong played, at least Li Chenglang would give him a surprise this time. In front of Dai Changzhi, Yixi opened his eyes wide and looked at the screen for a moment. She looked at the prince’s long-haired face and suddenly remembered the first time she saw Li Chenglang in the cinema. In this way, his charm in the film is irresistible, every character seems to live in his body, such a natural actor, so that she is dead set on worship for so many years. Everyone has different ideas, and the plot goes on until the prince finishes dressing and enters the palace in the starry night with the person who delivers the decree. In the picture, a motorcade is moving smoothly on the empty long street. The prince sits in the car,white marble mosaic, lifting the curtain with an expressionless face and looking at the end of the long street. There are nine towering palaces. The palace people presented the fish amulet, and after the envoys examined it, they ordered the guards to open the door in a loud voice. The heavy palace door slowly opened with a loud creak, and at the same time, two big characters floated from behind the door, then slowly rose and stopped above the palace. Red as blood, as if to herald the fate of all. Seize the palace. When the theme song sounded, the film officially began. . In recent years, there have been numerous domestic blockbusters, each of which has invested hundreds of millions of yuan. Judging from the scenery alone, all of them are gorgeous and magnificent, but without exception, they have not escaped the problems of broken plots and empty characters. For example, some time ago, Lu Yan’s “Wu Zetian” and the earlier Du Wenhan’s “Epang Palace”, the audience entered the cinema with expectations, and came out with the conclusion that “only clothes can be seen”. At first glance, the style of “Seize the Palace” sounds very similar to these two films, Agate Stone Price ,white marble slabs, but after watching them for 20 minutes, Dai Changzhi knows that they are completely different. There is no doubt that Li Chenglang is the absolute protagonist of the whole film, with the prince he plays as the center, each secondary line unfolds in turn, but interrelated, the rhythm is compact, interlocking, and the plot is quite exciting. In addition to Li Chenglang, Zhang Siqi also played her due level. She plays the Crown Princess, who was born in a famous family and is a childhood sweetheart of the Crown Prince. Although they love each other deeply, they are always on guard because of their different positions. When she stood by the lake in beautiful clothes and watched the prince go away, she was still dignified and noble, but her sad eyes and a few micro-expressions perfectly showed the character’s heart. At that moment, she made the audience really feel her sadness. Dai Changzhi was immersed in the plot, and half an hour had passed unconsciously. In the movie, in order to deal with the King of Wu, the prince decides to form an alliance with his old enemy, the King of Qi. Afterwards, he feels ashamed of his dead mother and sits alone in the hall and crushes his wine cup. Blood trickles down the wrist, shocking, at the same time, the graceful beauty also appears in the picture. The aqua blue skirt dragged the ground three feet, like the ripples of the sea, and she approached the prince step by step, and finally slowly knelt down in front of him. She pulled out the broken porcelain for him, kissed the wound with red lips, and sucked the blood like a demon. He touched her with pity, and she took it meekly, and when his hand finally left, she raised her head, and her face was exposed to everyone for the first time. Turn all living beings upside down. This is Dai Changzhi’s only feeling. Because he was too focused, he did not hear the sound of the audience in the back row. Such an aggressive color seems to break through the screen and grab you by the throat. The tip of her tongue licked the blood, and there was a charm in her bones that made it impossible to take her eyes off her face for a moment. It took Dai Changzhi three seconds to come to his senses. This is the new girl, the pretty and smart girl I saw an hour ago. How did this happen? How can a person be so different? Of course, he has seen the great contrast between the actresses on and off the stage, and the so-called “thousands of faces” is not just an exaggerated description. But that kind of degree is honed in the entertainment industry for many years of actors can do, but this girl, before the charming fresh and not artificial, now the obsequious Tiancheng is so seductive, as if they are two people who have nothing to do. The most important thing is that she is so beautiful that she can’t be ignored. Actress in the movie, because the face is enlarged, usually will let the beauty drop several levels, so can play the peerless beauty in the TV series, in the movie can only play ordinary people, Yin Ru is an example. But this girl is different, she looks beautiful outside the play, but will not let people have this kind of breathless feeling, but when the face was enlarged to a floor high, grandly presented in front of him, simply. Thrilling. It’s called a movie face. Some people are born to be on camera, and Qin Weidong is also the best at finding such people. Yang Manyu, the first Qin girl and now an international superstar, is a living example. This is Dai Changzhi’s idea, but ordinary audiences will not think so much like him, they simply feel that this new role is too handsome! The palace is gorgeous, the curtain is flying,White Marble Slabs, and she is beautiful, like a kitten nestling in the arms of the prince, even the breath from her red lips is charming. forustone.com