DWQA QuestionsGongsun Meng-Ziyi Yuxiao
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The Jade River Fairy knew that the old man was so fierce that he dared to neglect him. As soon as he received the red silk and the gold element, he fought fiercely with Gongsun Ye, avoiding the important and dwelling on the trivial. This fierce fight is very beautiful, the white shadow is shining, the red shadow is dotted. Both of them were the toughest people in Jianghu. They were very quick and dangerous. They were so nervous that they couldn’t breathe. Shui Xiaohua was hit by Gongsun Ye’s empty palm. But he was protected by the viper skin and was not seriously injured. As soon as he breathed, he recovered. When he looked up, he saw the Jade River Fairy and Gongsun Ye fighting for life and death. How could Shui Xiaohua not think that things would come to this point. In his opinion, Yuhe Fairy was wrong to hurt Gongsun Ting, but Gongxuye and the girl in purple should not be so hostile to themselves. Fortunately, they had their own body, otherwise, they would die at their hands. Thinking of this, Shui Xiaohua felt a surge of pain in his heart. He thought to himself: Gongsun Ye thought he was dead and gone. He was afraid that Jianghu would scold him, so he went to Tianchi to get medicine for himself to atone for his recklessness. In fact, he always looked down on me. Otherwise, why didn’t he allow me to have a chance to explain again and again. Although Shui Xiaohua is a person who attaches great importance to feelings, his personality is unusually arrogant. When he thinks of his anger, he is filled with indignation and thinks to himself: In any case, they came here for the sake of our master and disciples. It would be better to stop the two of them and make it clear that they don’t need to help to get the medicine. It will be easy to talk to the master in the future. At this time, if Shui Xiaohua does not redeem the problem to the tip of the horn, still as calm as at the beginning, take this opportunity to console the girl Gongsun Ting’s injury, then the clouds of doubt will immediately disappear,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, do not want him to have a cow temper, inferiority complex in his heart, and Gongsun Ting’s friendship has long been thrown out of the sky. Shui Xiaohua suddenly stood up and snapped, “Elder Gongsun, please stop for the moment and listen to what the younger generation has to say, OK?” Gongsun had already been able to kill, but he paid attention to Shui Xiaohua’s shouts. He thought that when he saw that the Jade River Fairy had been defeated, he came out with a delaying tactic, so his moves became more and more fierce. As soon as Shui Xiaohua saw that the other party was not listening,ultrasonic extraction cbd, he was afraid of causing a bigger misunderstanding, and it was not easy for him to intervene. As soon as he changed his mind, he had to say to the Jade River Fairy, “Sister, stop for the moment. I have something to say.” The Jade River Fairy seemed to be very obedient and answered, “Well, little brother, I’ll listen to you.” In fact, she understood Gongsun Ye’s personality and knew that he would never let himself quit easily. Therefore, she tried her best to hurt himself, which made Shui Xiaohua sympathize with her and hate Gongsun Ye. As expected by the Jade River Fairy, Gongsun Ye saw that she had dodged one and wanted to jump out. With a wave of his left palm, he split the empty palm and shook the Jade River Fairy’s body back several steps and sat on the ground. Gongsun Ye’s hatred had not disappeared, and he wanted to get rid of the coquettish woman who was endangering Jianghu, so he swung his crutch and wanted to hit the Jade River Fairy on the head. As soon as Shui Xiaohua saw it, he was so angry that he shouted, ultrasonic handheld welder ,ultrasonic cutting machine, “What a hot trick!” The man had already flown out of the sky, and Tiangang Palm made a move of “Changhong Guan Ri” to split Gongsun Ye. He this move is with anger, go all out to do, potential is really fierce, fierce palm wind, like a huge wave hit GongSunYe. As soon as Gongsun Ye made a move with his crutch, he suddenly felt a sudden rush in the direction of his palm. Fortunately, his martial arts had reached the extreme, and he could send and receive as he wished. As soon as the crutch hanging in the air turned, he closed his palm. He had already taken six steps obliquely to the King of Japan, only to hear a sound of “Peng”. The sound of Shui Xiaohua’s palm smashed it on a big stone. After Shui Xiaohua fell to the ground, he glared at Gongsun Ye and said coldly, “I think you have come here for the affairs of our master and disciples. You have written off the matter of me shooting down the cliff. From now on, we will not owe each other. In the future, I will not bother you about Shui Xiaohua. Otherwise, don’t say I am disrespectful to my elders.” Then, without waiting for Gongsun Ye to speak, he turned and walked to the Jade River Fairy and saw her lying on the ground. Without a sound, he leaned over to pick her up and turned away. GongSunYe was water XiaoHua a few words to block a moment but the cavity, see him hold to see the coquettish woman away, the heart of this sad, simply can not tell. At this time, Gongsun Ting was Xiao Ziqian fed a few drops of Ganoderma lucidum liquid, people have improved to come over, see her water brother hugged the woman left, grandpa stood there in a daze, not from the sadness. Just listen to her call “grandpa”, then fell on the ground and burst into tears, mournful and touching. Gongsun Ye was awakened by its cry, looked at Gongsun Ting, this has a bellyful of complaints to vent to her, she said a good number. At this time, seeing her heartache, she could not bear it any longer. With a deep sigh, she walked over and said, “Why are you still crying? My child, go back with Grandpa!” Gongsun Ting suddenly stopped crying. She raised her face and looked in the direction of Shui Xiaohua’s disappearance. She said slowly, “No, Tingjian can’t go back. Tingjian wants to kill that bad woman.” Gongsun Ye couldn’t bear it any longer. “That boy is so dirty,” he said loudly. “What do you want him to do? If you don’t listen, Grandpa will never care about you again.” Still at a loss, Gongsun said, “Brother Shui is a good man. It was that bad woman who ruined him. I’m going to kill her.” Xiao Ziqian was afraid that if Gongsun Ting continued to be stubborn, he would really annoy Gongsun Ye. She quickly interrupted, “That woman is very fierce. We can’t beat her even if we find her. Besides, Shui Xiaohua has been fascinated by her. We might as well go to see his master and ask him to come out and deal with them.” On hearing this, Gongsun Ting said, “Well, Elder Jiao likes me very much. He will certainly help me.” As soon as she thought about it, she shook her head again and said, “No, Brother Shui told me that his master was very powerful. If his master knew,ultrasonic cutting machine, he would not forgive him. Wouldn’t that hurt him?” As soon as Xiao Ziqian heard this, she could not help sighing to herself and thought, “She is so infatuated that she thinks so thoughtfully for him. What should she do in the future?”. fycgsonic.com