Be a successful grasscutter farmer

Grasscutters, otherwise known as cane rats, are naturally found in the wild bush, but with passion, diligence and knowledge, they can be domesticated. Despite the notoriety and ferocity of the animals in the bush, grasscutter farmers have learnt to tame and rear them in farms and even at the backyard for home consumption and sale to [...]

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Make millions yearly from bamboo processing

The Nigerian economy which had hitherto been dominated by the crude oil resources needs urgent diversification. Bamboo offers the economy one of the most viable alternative with over 100 products. Processing native bamboo is a secure business that gives steady ROI. Once you are able to start processing, put together handouts, flyers, posters, catalogs in [...]

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How to make soybean powder

Soybean is one of the foods that are rich in protein. Many things can be extracted from it. Things like oil, adhesive substances, etc. Without much processing of soybean to get all these and more, we can eat the whole soybean when cooked, fried or even roasted. On this post, we will see how you [...]

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Make money producing garri fortified with vitamin A

Brands live in a world of ever-changing expectations. Differentiating your brand by building and keeping trust and loyalty among consumers is increasingly dependent on social or environmental promises. Brands of the future anticipate, rather than just respond to, what consumers and customer want. Garri fortified with Vitamin A is a new catch in Nigeria and [...]

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40 Business ideas in Agriculture for Young Entrepreneurs

What are the best agricultural business ideas for villages? What are the best agro-allied business opportunities for big towns and mega cities? What business can one start in the agriculture industry and succeed? This article will put these questions to rest. Do you know that Agricultural businesses are the most lucrative businesses in the world? [...]

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Starting A Smoothie Business

Smoothies are usually very tasty. It is one versatile drink with a combination of basic ingredients like yogurt, as well as a mixture of other fruits, vegetables and added nutrients. If you are thinking of having an amazing breakfast on –the-go, then smoothies can serve that purpose well. It could also function as a great [...]

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How to Start a bread Delivery Service

If you are a great lover of bread, then you just would agree with me that it is one food that can be enjoyed any day and any time. Bread is available everywhere in the world. In fact, it is one meal that gets the day started this is no wonder it is used mostly [...]

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Make money exporting mangoes

Do you know you can make cool money exporting mango? Even if you don’t want to go the exporting route, you can still make money selling the products here in Nigeria or within your local environment. This article will teach you everything you need to know about this business. Mango is known as the “king [...]

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Tomato farming business

Tomato is one of the most important cooking ingredient in the county. Ninety percent of our food is never complete without tomato. We use it in cooking stews, soups, salads, portages, and virtually every food imaginable in the land. It goes with everything, so much that none of our traditional foods ever rejected tomato. If [...]

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Make your palm oil at home; simple “how-to”

If you ask me, I’ll say palm oil is the oldest and most consumed cooking oil in Nigeria. This is because, even before modern day civilization and large scale production of palm oil, the making and selling of palm oil for commercial purposes and for consumption, has been in existence. People from the eastern part [...]

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Vegetable farming Producing vegetables such as tomatoes, ugwu, watermelon, cucumber, pepper, okro, ewedu, etc, can guarantee you a bumper harvest and an amazing return on investment [every 60 days] that could reach 100 percent in profit. We take you into the world of successful vegetable farmers who not only reveal the above stated fact but guide [...]

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Make money from supplying eggs

Are you a Nigerian looking for something to do as business or you just graduated from the college and you are still waiting for that white collar jobs in Nigeria where you can knot tie and put on that corporate suit and jacket everyday? Well let me introduce you to a business that is fast [...]

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Make money from snail farming

There is this wise saying: “If you are not idle, you are succeeding a little”. So, start climbing the success stairs by starting up a small snail farm beside your apartment. Snail breeding is one of the numerous businesses that you can start with a very little capital, easy to manage and consume lesser amount [...]

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Export any of these 20 agricultural products and get yourself some cool foreign bills

Exports from Nigeria to other countries of the world is very lucrative and can build the country’s economy overnight. Why we are not exporting enough products from Nigeria to other countries is a mystery. Here we present to you the top 20 items you can export from Nigeria and make some dollars. Many people used [...]

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Starting Fish Farming.

There are so many information on the internet on how to start fish farming especially catfish farming but few are detailed enough to really assist aspiring fish farmer to get started. I will be endeavor to make this article as detailed as possible and hope that other experienced fish farmer will add to it as [...]

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Starting A Vegetable Farm

That backyard of yours may be lying dormant at the moment, a space in which you constantly battle with weeds. You think you killed them off a month ago, but they’re back now, mocking your efforts. Why not convert the trouble spot into something more productive, and invest your weed-clearing energy in growing vegetables? Then [...]

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Start a business in Turmeric production

Turmeric is one root crop that receives less attention from Nigerian farmers, but experts say it has huge potentials for local industries and export. Dr. Eddy Nwaogu, the Head, Nyanya Outstation of the National Root Crop Research Institute, Umudike, has been working on the genetic improvement of ginger and turmeric for many years now. He took [...]

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Meet the oldest farmers in the world; Termites

It's now well-known, thanks in no small part to the Paleo diet movement, that agriculture began sometime around 9,500 BC, with domestication of animals occurring a few thousand years before that. What’s less well-known is that humans are by no means the first species to figure out some way to cultivate plants and/or animals (or, as [...]

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5 Ways to Keep Livestock Cool

Keeping cows, sheep, chickens, pigs, goats, horses, and other livestock cool isn’t rocket science, but it takes some advance planning. Heat stress can occur anytime the mercury rises above 80 degrees Fahrenheit or so, especially for animals being worked (i.e. draft horses), confined in close quarters without ventilation, or lacking access to shade. Goats are among the [...]

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10 Countries That Export the Most Food in the World

They say that money makes the world go round, but it is food that will always be essential to our survival, so we bring to you the list of countries that export the most food in the world. Continuously growing global population and increasing calorie intake are the main reasons why global food production has [...]

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