Ampesi is a popular traditional Ghanaian food which is prepared with boiled yam, cocoyam, cassava or plantain, served with kontomire stew or any other preferred stew. Kontomire stew is made with cocoyam leaves.



1 egg

Meat or Fish, preferaby, Koobi (salted dried tilapia)

Fresh kontomire (cocoyam) leaves

1 tomato puree

Grounded Melon (powdered form) – Egusi

1 onion

Palm oil

Fresh tomatoes


Salt to taste


Yam or plantain


1. Peel the yam, cut it into rounds about half an inch thick, and cut each round in half. If using green plantains, peel them and cut them in halves.

2. Cook for about 20-30 mins.

3. Wash and slice vegetables and  pepper

4. Cut meat into small pieces and break the fish to remove bones. Heat the palm oil and add the sliced onions. Stir for 2 minutes and add fresh tomatoes/tomato puree and pepper, cook for 5 mins and add meat or fish.

5. Add the Egusi. Cover the pot and leave to simmer over low heat and until the Egusi is cooked

6. Meanwhile, properly wash and shred the kontomire (cocoyam leaves).

7. Add just a little water to the stew and add the shredded kontomire. Stir well to mix.

8. Cover tightly and simmer over gentle heat until stew is ready.

9. Add the boiled koobi, boiled eggs and garnish it with avocado and nicely chopped onions.

Serve with boiled yam, boiled plantain (Ampesi) or even boiled rice.