Some foods are meant to go together,  e.g bread and tea, pap and akara, rice and stew etc. I know we Nigerians like to combine everything in the name of food but there are certain people who take it an extra mile. I once mentioned a former neighbour who I caught drinking garri with boiled egg.

The yorubas renamed palm oil beans to ewa goin and now they use its new name to combine everything they can with it.

Some food combinations even sound gay e.g potatoes and bread; and lesbian eg boiled egg and beans.

Here are 10 bizarre food combinations I have seen people eat with my two korokoro eyes.

1 Peppersoup and Bread

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Its surprising  5 star restaurants offer this on their menu. How does one combine  this? A bite of bread and two sips of peppersoup. Thanks, I’ll pass.

2 Rice and Okro

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I don’t even like okro to begin it. Now imagine someone having okro with rice when there’s stew or sauce. I remember visiting a friend and she asked her sister to serve me food. Lo and behold, it was rice and okro which I outrightly rejected. I have friends guilty of this disgusting combination.


Rice and Egusi soup.

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I honestly wonder why people would rather have soups with rice rather than swallow’ which it was made for.

The only soup allowed with rice is peppersoup and banga soup. – Frank Nweke Junior, 2001

Others include,

Palm oil Beans (Ewa goin) and Eba

5 Noodles and Beans

6 Indomie and bread

7 Fried yam and indomie

8 Spaghetti and beans

9 Indomie and pap

10 Bread and okpa

Extra: Drinking garri and suya.


Which weird food combination did we miss?

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